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Our team works all the time, including weekends and some times during national holidays. We come to work every day to build technology that helps conference organizers, sponsors, speakers, venue holders and attendees find out exactly what they care about instantly, spend less time searching and more time building relationships, generating quality leads, closing deals and generating revenues.

We aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data and algorithms. We provide insightful data visualization to help conference professionals decide what to sponsor, attend or speak at based on unique objectives. We provide extensive marketing and sales intelligence for conference professionals and this way we unlock immense value for the conference industry. Our long-term goal is to use machine learning to standardize, structure and visualize the data across all the conferences and trade shows in the world. We help conference professionals answer endless data questions, which helps them save time and money, by creating efficiencies in their workflow. Some examples of the questions we help our clients answer are highlighted below:

Questions Like:

  • Which conferences should I send my employees to attend if I am looking for conferences that do not cost more than $1,000 per ticket and are focused on the Biotechnology industry?
  • Which conferences should we attend?
  • Which conferences have attracted more than 1,000 attendees?
  • What sponsors have sponsored conferences in the Information Technology industry, with average number of 300 attendees, less than 20 sponsors and more than 5 speakers?
  • Who are the speakers I should contact if I want CMOs who have spoken on more than 5 conferences in New York City?
  • Which venue in New York City can host more than 2,000 attendees?
  • Who are the right people I need to contact at Google who are decision makers for conference sponsorships?

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